Monday, October 25, 2010

And for old time's sake

(For those of you who didn't know me in my former incarnation blogging about Other Stuff, some background: I often did these lists of 8: lists of 8 moments of grace in my day, 8 things to be grateful for, 8 things of beauty. I used to blog under the pseudonym lulu, and these became known as my lululists. I was inspired ever-so-briefly today to try to start writing them again. Here's my first attempt.)

1. Hearing Michael Jackson's "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground" on the radio today and losing myself for just a moment, and dancing in my seat in the car.

2. The dandelion pillow at C's house today.

3. Snuggling with The Woo.

4. Oliver's soft ears and freckly muzzle.

5. Coconut butterscotch cookies delivered to us a by a friend yesterday.

6. Sunshine today after a rainy weekend.

7. Flannel sheets.

8. Hearing Otis' name spoken, seeing it written, carrying him always in my heart.


æ said...

Man I just finger typed my own lululist here. Having it erased instead of published was not on it!! But I'll say it did bring a smile to my face, still, to have written it.


Alex said...

Really lovely, Sarahlu. I had this very distinct feeling of Otis being with you as you danced in the car and snuggled with the pups... and when you hear his name it almost feels as though I see that little boy, a beautiful, beautiful boy...

hayley said...

love the lulu list. you are an amazing woman sarah.

love, me. x

fia said...

oh, sarah.
i'm very glad to be here, reading your words. and so glad to see a lululist.
right with you, friend.
love, fia

Anonymous said...

The dandelion pillow.. love that.
Thinking of you and Otis tonight sweet mamma....
Love and grace- l

Lani said...

i may have to do a lulu list as well b/c as you know, my husband refers to me as lu (as well as my sister) and my handle on a message board is lulu. so yes, i am a lu too!

the #8 one is a biggie for me as well. it will never get old. people have a hard time saying silas' name. its how it is.