Friday, August 26, 2011

On Karma and Psycho Beasts, part two

The ever-amazing and truly gifted Angie at still life with circles is answering questions this week.   Given my recent experience with the crazy lady (see below post) who dared to insinuate that Otis's death was somehow my husband's karma "biting him in the ass," I turned to Angie, who I knew had some pretty extensive knowledge on the subject, to help me out.  Her response is truly amazing.  Thank you, Angie.

And for those of you who rallied with me in the rage and helped me to feel not so alone, thank you.

The addendum to the story is that the woman tried to get in touch with E yet again last week, and tried to EXPLAIN herself, with a seemingly rational sounding voice mail, to the effect of, "I think you're misunderstanding me....I'm not trying to offend you.  I'm just saying that I've taken stock of my own life, and I realize where my karma has come back to bite me, and I wondered if you had ever considered asking yourself the same questions....I'm just saying that our consequences catch up to us, and maybe that's what finally happened with you."  (By the way, she has kind of a high pitched, yet slow with her words, saccharine voice, the kind of voice that a really, really, really annoying 22 year old yoga teacher who took a weekend workshop and now considers herself a guru of sorts might tend to use.)  (And I get to say stuff like that because, well, I taught yoga at a gym and probably even at times was accused of being a little too fluffy, though my students have all reassured me that what they liked was that I didn't have that saccharine edge to my teaching or my voice...but I digress.)  She also sent like 10 text messages trying to "explain" her makesnomotherfuckingsensenomatterhowyousliceit nonsense.

Needless to say, we have now blocked her number so she cannot text or call.  I do feel like I've moved past it, but damn, she really fucked with my head there for a few days.  After her second bout of "trying to explain" how Otis's death was our karma, I sat in the kitchen and HOWLED and SCREAMED and stared down the knives and pictured all the horrible things I wanted to do to this woman and then yelled about it, too.  Not exactly enlightened, not exactly compassionate, certainly not on the eightfold path, but at least I didn't actually ACT on any of those thoughts, right?


Renel said...

That Crazy bitch is seriously so psychotic!!! She should have been blocked a long time ago. Scream some more but keep the knives out of reach.

My New Normal said...

The nerve of her to actually try and explain herself again. Crazy!!! Remember, you can't reason with the unreasonable. Good for you for blocking her.

Hope's Mama said...

You've handled this situation with a lot of style, and grace, Sarah.

Maddie said...

I cannot fathom someone trying to explain a baby dying as 'karma' and then try to defend/explain that position - it just blows my mind. Sending my love.

roark said...

Reason #759 that you are a rockstar and a wonder woman is that you didn't act on all that rage, although I still firmly believe that you'd be totally justified in doing so (and the offer of help still stands! That bitch!).

The good news is that if you ever do act on it, I know a good lawyer. ;)

Sending you all some love today. XO

Brooke said...

I have no expertise on karma, but I do know this: anybody who spews hateful nonsense like that is bound to be miserable. I am so indignant on your behalf and I want to kick her in the teeth.

Sarah said...

I found you via Angie. I too have a "psycho beast" that made comments damn near identical to those yours did.
I know exactly everything you felt.
Luckily for mine, i didnt discover her comments until almost a year after my sons death. And well, mine never had the balls to say it to me or my better half.

Anonymous said...

I think that the way you handled this was LIGHTYEARS better than the way I ever could have. I would have picked up those knives and let the whole situation get ug-ly. You are amazing Sarah.. amazing.

still life angie said...

Yes, I have to agree with everyone. I think those kind of statements always make the speaker of them look a thousand times worse than the person on the receiving end. I just wish people's instincts were not to be a-holes. Sending you love.

Roccie said...

I still burn with a white hot hate.

Proud of you.