Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rainbows Tonight, Around the World

Tonight I sit here flooded with tears, overjoyed at the arrivals this week of Sally's beautiful Juliet and L's (who glow moms know as Lola's) beautiful M (name redacted for L's privacy) and Brianna's beautiful Clio...  To see photos of them holding these healthy, gorgeous, amazing children...I'm without words, simply just loads of tears.

I guess maybe these three are my first real stories of successful pregnancy after loss, women that I connected with early in the days after Otis died, women who have been tremendous friends to me through the last 11 months, women who conceived, carried, and now delivered babies in the time that Otis has been gone.

It gives me hope, brings me joy. A bittersweet joy, of course, but I'm beginning to realize that all joys from now on will be bittersweet.  I know Elizabeth McCracken has a perfect quote about it, which many of you know: "It's a happy life but someone is missing.  It's a happy life, and someone is missing."

Much love and light to all of you mamas.


Renel said...

3 new babyies to baby loss mamas! Wow! I can't wait for it to be me! It does give hope for more joy, positive births and real LIVE babies! So awesome!

Alex said...

oh goodness, I have just read all the stories - and it's all so moving and heartbreaking and hopeful.

Love you, S. And I can't wait for your little boy to be here. xx

Hope's Mama said...

Oh I just saw this. You are a beautiful friend, Sarah. Thank you for rejoicing with me. I can't wait to do it for you in a few short (but long for you!) weeks.