Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update from Perinatologist

I'm back.  I've got a subchorionic hematoma (aka a subchorionic hemorrhage) - a clot of blood between my placenta and the uterine wall where the placenta isn't attached securely.

Baby looked great, strong heartbeat, totally oblivious to the terror outside...He was licking his lips and pretty damn cute.

The doctor says this should resolve itself naturally, there is no treatment for it other than rest and patience really, I'm likely to bleed over the next week/ten days he says, and that I should try to stay as calm as I can.  He introduced me to all the other doctors in his office since he is out of town next week and I will see his partner on Tuesday for a recheck.

I guess this is good news.  Scary good news.  Doctor says my biggest risk is of going into preterm labor from an infection at this point; but he doesn't see that happening (I had no contractions while hooked up to the u/s, I've had no cramping, my cervix is long and closed tight...).  He said he has never seen fetal demise from an SCH, rather that the ptl is the biggest concern. (Though, duh, ptl would mean fetal demise at this point, I do understand that.  But at least I'd have some warning - I'd be cramping and contracting - it wouldn't be a sudden "no heartbeat" scenario, he says. I guess that's comforting.)

So, that's where we stand.  So much for an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy this time around.

Baby boy, stay strong. Uterus, stay healthy.  Hematoma, resolve your issues and heal up soon, k? 


LauraJane said...

So glad you had some positive news today. :) Stay strong little man.

Ps. licking his lips- soooo cute!

Hope's Mama said...

I'll just keep repeating that last line of this post over and over as well. Love to you, mama.

-Jen- said...

So so SO very glad to read that everything is ok....I've been checking on and off all day.

You stay rested. If this baby boy is as strong as his mom, I am positive that everything will be just fine!

Lots of love to you!

Heather said...

I wasn't able to comment at work after your first post - I'm so glad everything is ok! Sarah, get your rest, and Baby Boy, stay put and stay healthy!

æ said...

thank you for updating us. i've been thinking of you all day.

your body pregnant is so eventful! good job, body. good job, baby. good job, mama.

Monique said...

Grow strong, little man.

Lori said...

you've been on my mind all afternoon. i'm relieved to read your post. so glad you have a doc you love and who is taking extra good care of you. stay rested and lots of fluids. xo

still life angie said...

I read all of these posts at the same time. So relieved to read everything is okay. If it is any consolation, I had a subchorionic hemorrhage with both Beatrice and Thomas. It is very scary. I bled for eight weeks with Thomas in the beginning of his pregnancy. It was hard to keep calm some days. Sending you love. xo

ania said...

Dear Sarah,

I'm glad that you now know what's going on and what you can (kind of) anticipate (possibly, to some extent). My friends (who when pregnant have ranged from ages 18-41) have had such different pregnancies, I'm always like, "you have (a) what?"

For you I am thinking of bold brave sunflower faces and clear sea air and tenacity and grace and recovery.

With such tender care....